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United Health Insurance

United Health Care is dedicated to providing better healthcare for everyone. In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the American healthcare system, United Health Care works to provide better access to healthcare benefits, create new products and services, all while making healthcare available that is more affordable for everyone. By using the latest technology, United Health Care provides the most up to date health care systems that are easy to navigate.

United Health Care has almost 3 decades of experience in providing healthcare insurance to clients ranging from individuals to groups. There are many comprehensive plans to choose from, and the internet tools are designed to simplify all the administrative tasks, as well as the health programs. There are comprehensive networks of physicians and hospitals to choose from for high quality healthcare.

Along with sister company Uniprise, Inc., United Health Care serves more than 18 million individual members. High quality healthcare is provided by more than 560,000 physicians and 4,800 hospitals in all 50 states, as well as 4 international markets.

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United Health Plans

United Health Plans offers co pay insurance plans that have many of the same options and benefits as the more traditional employer insurance programs. The United Health Plans also require a set fee for healthcare visits to network providers, such as office visits and preventative care. Once the copayment is made, United Health Plans covers 100% of member’s history and exam expenses. These United Health Plans options also generally include a discount prescription drug card as an added benefit.

United Health Plans offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) that combines a low monthly payment with a high deductible with a tax-favored savings account for medical expenses. The United Health Plans HSA allows you to put money aside that you save on your monthly premiums and keep them to use to pay for your qualified healthcare expenses until you have met your deductible. The advantage to having an HSA is that any savings that you have not spent on your healthcare in a year will automatically rollover to the following year, and it will earn interest at the same time.

The High Deductible plans offered by United Health Plans gives you low monthly premiums, but it is your responsibility to pay for any minor or routine healthcare costs until the deductible for the year is met. This type of insurance plan is good is you are looking for insurance for any unexpected illness or accidents and want to spend a less amount monthly for this kind of coverage. You do have to pay out of pocket for routine healthcare costs, but if you want to keep your monthly healthcare payments low, this is a good plan for you.