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Unicare Health Insurance

Unicare Health Insurance is a national organization that working together with its customers, consultants, brokers, providers and employers to make sure that members have access to quality health care plans and products. Unicare Health Insurance provides managed healthcare throughout the United States along side with Unicare Life & Health Insurance Company. Unicare Life & health Insurance company is affiliated with WellPoint Health Networks, which is one of the country’s biggest publicly traded managed care companies. Together, they serve the healthcare needs of more than 13 million members, and approximately 42.6 million specialty members.

Unicare Health Insurance has a wide variety of healthcare plans and products to choose from for members. Unicare Health Insurance also has very competitive prices for all their products and services. Each person has different needs, and Unicare Health Insurance recognizes that fact. Unicare Health Insurance has numerous plans that can be designed around your needs for health, pharmacy, dental, life and disability benefits and products.

Unicare Health Insurance is working to guarantee that everyone can have control over their medical care, as well as their finances. With the dedicated staff of professionals at Unicare Health Insurance, customers work together to find solutions to their healthcare needs. And, as needs change, plans can be adapted to match new needs.

UniCare isn't just a solution for the moment-we're a trusted partner for the long term.

Unicare has an AM best rating of A-

Unicare Health Insurance Quotes are available in the following states

Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska, New York, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Competing Carriers

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UniCare Health Plans

UniCare Solaura Plans:

HSA Plan

A HSA Plans is a Health Savings Account which you fund with tax-free contributions that can be used towards your medical expenses and prescriptions. Other people may also contribute to your HSA. The funds in your HSA can be used to first of all pay the cost of covered healthcare expenses and prescriptions without having any tax liabilities.

HIA Plan

The Unicare Health Plans’ Health Incentive Account (HIC) allows you to earn extra dollars through the rewards program to use towards your medical expenses and prescriptions. All funds that have not been used in a year can be rolled over into the next year. The HIA Plan offers an unlimited choice of healthcare providers. Of course, when you use providers that are in the network, you will pay less for your healthcare. For 100% coverage, with no deductions, use this national recommended service.

HIA Plus Plan

Unicare Health Plans also offers a Health Incentive Account that is funded by the health plan every year, and is for you to use to pay for your covered medical expenses as well as your prescriptions. All unused fund in the account are rolled over into the next year. With this plan, you have an unlimited choice of healthcare providers. Of course, when you use the network providers, you will end up paying less for your healthcare expenses. This nationally recommended health services plan allows you to have healthcare coverage with no deduction from your HIA, and no out-of-pocket expenses when you use the network providers.

What do they offer?

* Lifetime maximum of up to $5 million
* RX Card
* Wide choice of plans and deductibles (between $500-$5000 annually)
* Family Flex® – Each family member can apply for a different plan on the same application
* Preventive Care
* Out-of-Pocket Maximums provide protection against catastrophic expenses
* MedCall® 24-hour nurse hotline
* HealthyExtensions SM – Discounts on services and products your clients want and need
* No claim forms with network providers

Where are they offered?

* Illinois
* Michigan
* Texas

What are the different types of Unicare FIT Plans?

* FIT 500 Plan
* FIT 1000 Plan
* FIT 1500 Plan
* FIT 2000 Plan
* FIT 3000 Plan
* FIT 5000 Plan

What is the perfect “FIT”?

Unicare’s FIT plans are the best-selling health insurance plans in Texas and Illinois. There are many reasons for this. Unicare Health Insurance offers this plan with excellent preventative healthcare benefits and unlimited visits with a co pay of just $30. Unicare Health Insurance has designed the FIT plans to offer extensive coverage. In Michigan, for example, Unicare pays 80% coinsurance for in-network services once the deductible has bee met, and, in addition, 100% coverage with no deductible for certain preventative healthcare services. Unicare Health Plans also allow members to carry over their annual deductible. Unicare’s FIT Plan and Saver 2000 Plan have a special feature for a fourth-quarter carryover for the yearly deductible. This means, that if you have not met your deductible by the end of the year, any covered medical expenses incurred between October-December will be applied to your annual deductible for that year and will be applied towards your annual deductible for the upcoming year.