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Pacificare Health Insurance

PacifiCare Health Systems currently covers more than 3 million health insurance plan members nationwide, as well as approximately 10 million specialty plan members. With an annual revenue of over $12 billion, this is one of the country’s largest health insurance providers. PacifiCare Health Systems has a wide variety of insurance plans, and offers individual, employers and Medicare users a wide network of health care options and insurance.

Through PacifiCare Health Systems’ subsidiary, Prescription Solutions, the company offers complete pharmacy and medical care and coverage, in addition to their specialty areas of behavioral health, dental and vision and life insurance. PacifiCare Health Systems is dedicated to helping people lead healthier and more secure lives. This has been a driving force for the company as they have become one of the leading consumer health organizations dedicated to this mission. Check out our website for more information on our services, as well as our vision for PacifiCare Health Systems and its customers.

“We are a health and consumer services company making people's lives better.”

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PacifiCare Health Plans

PacifiCare Health Plans is a company focused on providing quality care to its members, with a special emphasis on prevention and wellness that is one of the main points of the PacifiCare Signature Value HMO. With this plan, health care is provided by primary care physicians (PCPs), which makes it easier and cheaper for the members to know the costs ahead of time in order to plan their budgets. Another plus is that there is very little paperwork required. All member of this plan pay a small copayment when they use the health care facilities. This copayment is a preset amount that is agreed upon in the contract. Through PacifiCare Signature Value HMO, members have a wide network of over 47,000 physicians and 222 hospitals to choose from for their health care needs.

For the greater flexibility and options that a typical indemnity plan has available to customers, there is PacifiCare Health Plans’ PacifiCare Signature POS plan. This plan is a combination of an HMO plus the advantages of the typical indemnity plan. With this plan, the customer is able to choose an in-network or out-of-network doctor. This flexibility allows customers more leeway when deciding on which doctors they wish to see. With this plan, there is a vase network of over 47,000 doctors, as well as 222 hospitals.

PacifiCare Health Plan offers a wide range of available primary care physicians and specialists in their SignatureElite PPO (preferred Provider Option) plan. This particular insurance plan is available to employers with 51 or more employees. The PacifiCare Signature Elite plan has a network of over 68,000 participating physicians and 330 hospitals.

PacifiCare Signature Freedom is what is referred to as a Self-Directed Health Plan (SDHP). This plan is PPO-based, which means that you have access to a wide network of doctors and hospitals for your medical care. This particular plan has a participating network of over 68,000 doctors and 330 hospitals. Each year, members receive an annual Self-Directed Account (SDA) that they can use for preventative health care, including office visits, mammograms, breast and pelvic exams and more. Members can use any participating doctor to provide the covered care. A low copayment or coinsurance is paid when visiting a participating health care provider. An advantage of this particular plan is that any money that is not spent from the SDA is carried over to the next year for health care and related costs.