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ObamaCare (AKA the Affordable Care Act) is a US law aimed at reforming the American health care system. ObamaCare’s main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care and health insurance, regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing health care spending in the US.

The Affordable Care Act does a number of important things including offering Americans a number of new benefits, rights, and protections in regards to their healthcare, and setting up a Health Insurance Marketplace (HealthCare.Gov) where Americans can purchase federally regulated and subsidized Health Insurance during open enrollment. The law also expands Medicaid, improves Medicare, requires you to have coverage in 2014 and beyond, and contains some new taxes and tax breaks, among other things.

About ObamaCare

Many Americans making under 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL) will qualify for cost assistance subsidies through the marketplace. Cost assistance comes in three forms: Premium tax credits for reduced premium costs, cost sharing subsidies for reduced out-of-pocket costs, and Medicaid and CHIP.

The Affordable Care Act contains over a thousand pages of reforms to the insurance and health care industries in order to combat rising health care costs and to provide affordable health insurance to more Americans. Despite it’s length and complexity, most of the important reforms are contained within the first 140 pages of the law. Check out our summary of the many titles and sections of the Affordable Care Act.

• Before the law you could be denied coverage or treatment because you had been sick in the past, be charged more because you were a woman, be dropped mid-treatment for making a simple mistake on your application, and had little or no way to fight insurance company appeals. Today all Americans have access to a large number of unprecedented new benefits, rights, and protections.