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Mega Health Insurance

Headquartered in Texas, MEGA Health Insurance is licensed to offer health insurance and life insurance policies nationwide, except for New York State. Among the plans MEGA Health Insurance offers is an affordable policy that has basic coverage that does have limits for coverage for some surgical and medical procedures.

Competing Carriers

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Mega Plans

For people who cannot afford complete medical coverage, Mega Health Insurance has a plan available that is affordable and covers limited medical and surgical costs. This is a bare essentials coverage plan from Mega Health Insurance, but it allows each customer to design a plan that will suit their particular needs because they can pick and choose which types of coverage they require. The advantage of this type of plan is that there are no restrictions forcing a customer to use a particular medical network.

Issues between Mega, NASE and their Clients

If you have been keeping up with the media reports about healthcare in the United States, you may recognize Mega’s name from news reports. There were many complaints from customers who had medical coverage through Mega Health Insurance. The complaints stemmed from customers who fell ill and needed treatment, but their insurance would not cover the majority of their medical costs.

One of the organizations that offers Mega Health Insurance is the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). Even though the president of NASE has stated that the two companies are separate, both companies sell NASE and Mega health insurance policies. The media began to take note when stories emerged about NASE not being truthful about the coverage of the insurance policies they were offering to customers. As a result, both Mega and NASE were involved in lawsuits centering on misrepresentations about the insurance coverage when they made sales pitches to potential customers. These lawsuits had a negative impact on both Mega and NASE.

Competing Health Insurance Carriers

Each state has different competing health insurance carriers that offer coverage for that particular area. Some of the best-known health insurance companies are listed below:

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* Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
* Celtic Health Insurance
* Cigna Health Insurance
* Golden Rule Health Insurance
* Humana Health Insurance
* Oxford Health Insurance
* Unicare Health Insurance

Mega in the news

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