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Humana Health Insurance

Humana Inc. is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. With approximately 9 million members, it is one of the nation’s largest publicly traded health benefits companies. Humana Health Insurance is known as a company that embraces change and seizes opportunities that can transform the healthcare insurance business. Its goal is to be the most trusted name in the health insurance industry when it comes to providing solutions to healthcare problems and challenges.

Humana Health Insurance provides coordinated coverage and other related services to individuals, government-sponsored plans, and employer groups. It offers “one-stop” shopping for those customers desiring to put together a complete benefits package. In additional to Humana Health Insurance providing core health benefits, it also has many specialty products, such as dental, life, and disability insurance, to complement its health care offerings. Humana works with companies both large and small to provide quality health benefits and related services. Small businesses can also count on Humana Health Insurance to provide quality health care benefits and a wide range of products and services.

Humana Health Insurance continually strives to find innovative ways to control rapidly rising health care costs and encourages consumers to become knowledgeable about health insurance options and to take an active role in their own health management. Humana’s SmartSuite plans do exactly that. Since this consumer-focused plan was introduced, participating companies have experienced an annualized claims trend in the range of 5-6%, compared to the national average inflation rate of 12-14% during the same period.

Humana Health Insurance Quotes are available in the following states

Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Louisiana, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Competing Carriers

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A Description of Human Health Plans

Human Health Plans offer their members choice and flexibility when choosing a policy and also provide various optional benefits. Customers have access to a large network of medical providers (over 350,000 nationwide) and 3,000 participating hospitals. Humana makes it easy for consumers to customize a health insurance plan that is just right for their own personal needs and situations. Humana Health plans include the Portrait Plan, the Monogram Plan, and the Autograph Plan. These plans vary from state to state so it is advisable to consult a broker who can provide the exact information for each specific state.

Humana’s Portrait Plan is a solid choice for those customers who desire benefits like those offered by big employers. It is also good for people who prefer to minimize risk in their lives and those who may want to use medical services in the future. The Portrait Plan offers quality health insurance coverage to people who are self-employed, work for a company that has no medical insurance benefits, or early retirees. This plan also includes Unlimited Office Visit Copay and 80 Plus Rx. The coinsurance coverage is 80% and the network deductibles range from $1,000-$2,500 for an individual and $2,000-$5,000 for a family. Provided you visit an in-network primary care physician and doctors, there are unlimited office copayments. Humana Portrait members can possibly save hundreds of dollars each year through discount programs that are offered by participating retailers and providers. These include discounts on eyewear, laser procedures and eye examinations with the Eye and Vision Services.

Another of Humana Health Plans offerings is the Autograph Plan. This plan, which includes Share 80 Plus and Rx and Copay, is an excellent choice for those people wanting the right combination of benefits and features that is personally suited to them and that fits their lifestyle. Consumers who seek to have more control over their own health management and who may make multiple doctor visits throughout the year (for illness or injury) may find the Autograph Plan appealing. Share 80 Plus Rx and Copay is a popular option offered in the Autograph series. These plans are all structured to fit each person’s individual needs and circumstances. Humana understands that “one size does not fit all” in the health insurance industry. There are also discount programs available in the Autograph Plan. Members can enjoy discounts on Eye Care and Vision Services, Prescription Drugs expenses, and Health and Wellness Services. There are some limitations with this plan, as there are with all plans, and it is suggested that consumers learn what is available in their own respective state.

Another Humana Health Plan is the Autograph with HSA Plan. This plan mirrors the traditional Autograph Plan but with the added feature of a Health Savings Account. This is a plan which may appeal to those people who want to be in charge of their own health care finances and who appreciate the tax benefits of the HSA. This allows you to establish an account with a financial institution and then decide when and how much you want to spend on health care services. The Autograph Plan pays 100% of the in-network coinsurance. The in-network deductibles range from $2,000-$5,200 for an individual to $4,000-$10,400 for a family. The lifetime maximum is $2 million.

Humana Health Plans also offer the Monogram Plan. This is an ideal choice for those people who want low monthly premiums and are healthy and seldom visit the doctor. If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance benefits, or you are a recent college graduate, or perhaps you work part time and aren’t eligible for coverage, the Monogram Plan is an affordable health plan that gives you the peace of mind of having health insurance coverage, should you ever need it. It also offers preventative care benefits which cover annual exams and physicals.

The Monogram Total Plus Rx Plan provides 100% in-network coinsurance. It also has a $2 million lifetime maximum and the deductibles are around $7,500 for individuals and $15,000 for family. This plan basically provides coverage if and when you need it, but you don’t waste money paying for benefits that you will never use.

The Monogram Plan is a good choice for those people wanting a higher deductible and therefore a lower premium. Customers can receive a 12 month rate guarantee provided they keep the same plan and live in the same zip code for the entire year. You are not required to sign a contract with the Monogram Plan and you may cancel at any time. It is easy to apply online or over the phone.