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HealthPartners is a longtime industry leader in providing affordable, quality healthcare insurance and services to both individuals and families. Since 1957, its mission has never wavered- to maintain and improve the health of its members, patients and community by offering solid medical insurance coverage to its customers. HealthPartners works closely with its network of healthcare providers to maintain the high standards and commitment to service that have always been a hallmark of the company.

HealthPartners has received many awards over the years, including “Highest Member Satisfaction among Commercial Health Plans in the Minnesota-Wisconsin Region” from J.D. Power and Associates. It was also named one of America’s Best Health Plans by U.S. News & World Report and earned an “Excellent” rating from NCQA (the National Committee for Quality Assurance).

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A Description of HealthPartners Plans

HealthPartners offers many different types of health insurance plans, all designed to help you maintain and improve your health, while also providing the necessary coverage for routine and emergency medical situations. HealthPartners offers Traditional plans, Empower plans, Three for Free plans, and Short-term plans. It also offers access to a nationwide network of more than 650,000 providers and 6,500 hospitals. They do not require a referral to visit a specific doctor. HealthPartners provides its members with affordable monthly premiums, a wide range of deductibles, and 100% coverage for well-child examinations and immunizations. There is also prescription drug coverage available and wellness discounts for memberships to fitness clubs and other qualified healthy lifestyle programs.

One of HealthPartners plans is the Traditional Plan. It provides health insurance coverage for preventative care, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, routine and emergency medical care, medications, and dental care for accidental injury. As a HealthPartner member, customers have access to a large network of providers and hospitals across the country and also can avail themselves of wellness programs, such as 10,000 Steps, which works to improve daily physical activity and thereby reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure; Health Coaching by Phone, which offers phone-based, personalized courses that help its members lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage back pain, and reduce stress; and finally, Health discounts which offers savings to its members by giving discounts to fitness clubs, Weight Watchers, the purchase of exercise equipment and more. The deductibles for this plan range from $1,000 to $10,000 and coinsurances of 80% to 100%, once the deductible is met.

Another choice with HealthPartners plans is the Empower HSA plan. This is a high deductible health care plan that also gives you the option of maintaining a Health Savings Account with a financial institution. You are basically saving money to spend towards your medical needs, both routine and emergency. The Empower plan provides coverage that is very similar to the Traditional plan, including preventative care, routine and emergency office visits, prescription drugs, hospital care and emergencies. The difference is that the Health Savings Accounts provides you with financial control over what you spend, savings, and some tax advantages. The member contributes to the HSA and uses the tax-free funds to pay for qualified medical expenses, both routine and emergency. It allows the member to decide how much and when to spend the funds. HealthPartners offers 80% or 100% plan options and the deductibles range from $1,200 to $11,200 for in-network care.

The Three for Free plan from HealthPartners offers its members three free office visits per year. The initial $200 of preventative care is paid in full and there is a $5 co-pay for generic drug prescriptions. The first emergency visit, including related x-rays and lab work, is covered at 100% after the $250 co-pay is satisfied. The Three for Free individual plan also includes programs which promote a healthier lifestyle. Deductibles range from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the 80% or 100% plan option chosen.