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HealthNet, Inc. is one of the largest publicly traded managed health care companies in the nation. Its primary goal as a health insurance provider is to ensure that its members are happy, secure and comfortable with their individual plans. HealthNet offers different solutions to people’s health care insurance needs. These include an HMO, POS, insured PPO and government contracts subsidiaries which provide health benefits to nearly 6.6 million individuals living in 27 different states and the District of Columbia. The plans are open to groups and individuals and also include Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE programs. HealthNet has a behavioral health services subsidiary, known as MHN, which provides substance abuse and employee assistance programs (EAPs) and behavioral health coverage to almost 7.3 million individuals in many states, including the company’s own health plan members. Managed health care products, such as prescription drugs, are also offered through HealthNet subsidiaries. They also provide administrative services for medical groups and self-funded benefits programs.

Competing Carriers

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HealthNet quotes are available in the following states:

Arizona, California, Oregon

An Overview of HealthNet Health Plans

For individuals who desire to see physicians without having to get a referral from their primary care physician (PCP), HealthNet PPO Plans are a good choice. These plans allow you the freedom to visit any physician you choose and also provide you with lower copayments and coinsurance when you see an in-network physician. Deductibles can range from $500 to $5000 (the higher the deductible, the lower your premium) and there is an in-network coinsurance of 80%.

For consumers who want more predictable medical expense costs and prefer to have just one doctor coordinate all of their medical care, HealthNet HMO Plans are an ideal choice. These plans offer a set copayment fee for office visits, diagnostic testing and prenatal care. The HMO plans also provide prescription drug coverage, preventative care services and worldwide emergency care coverage.

High-Deductible (HAS-Compatible) PPO Plans offered through HealthNet provide many quality services to consumers. These include preventative care coverage from in-network physicians (including routine exams and immunizations), low monthly premiums, and the ability to seek out medical treatment from any licensed professional with no referral required. The HSA (Health Savings Account) provides a tax-free method to save, invest and pay for all qualified medical expenses that are incurred during the year. If there are unused funds at the end of the year, they roll over from year to year. Deductibles can range from $1,750 to $2,600 for individuals and from $3,500 to $5,150 for families, per year.