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Coventry Health Insurance

Managed care has experienced exponential growth since its humble beginnings as an experiment in California. Today, managed care systems provide healthcare services to millions of people. It is a widely held belief that managed care systems help rein in rising medical costs and focus attention on preventative care while reducing the number of unnecessary procedures and services. Believing that participants in managed care systems will continue to rise, Coventry health insurance is poised to take advantage while still remaining steadfastly committed to the highest ethical standards.

Coventry Health Insurance quotes are available in the following state(s):

Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania

Competing insurance carriers:

Sound Healthcare

Coventry Health Insurance plan offerings:

• CoventryOne are a good choice for individual or family coverage. It offers its members a range of deductibles and co-insurance; easy-to-understand plans suited to your needs and lifestyle; low co-payments; as well as wellness and preventative care.

• HealthAmericaOne is underwritten by Coventry and is available to residents of Pennsylvania. It is for ideal self-employed or part-time individuals, singles, and families. HealthAmericaOne can be combined with a Health Saving Account (HSA) for even greater flexibility and savings. You will have several plans to choose from, each of which will have different deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance to choose from.