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Celtic Health Insurance

Celtic Health Insurance began operating in 1978. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they began offering quality, affordable coverage tailored to children, individuals, and families throughout every stage of life. Today, they specialize in the individual health market with an emphasis on superior customer service.

Rated A – Excellent by A.M. for over 20 years, Celtic Health Insurance is an example of financial stability and strength and maintains an impeccable reputation for providing customer-oriented products and services with affordable coverage that gives individuals control and choice over their healthcare decisions. A fast, easy application process will have you covered in a minimum amount of time.

Competing insurance carriers

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Celtic Health Insurance quotes are available in the following state(s):

New Hampshire

Celtic Health Insurance health plan offerings:

• Celtic Basic Health Plan is a leading personal health insurance plan offering high-deductible, worry-free PPOs with 80/20 co-insurance and prescription drug benefits. Celtic Basic is ideal for self-employed, young, individuals who need cost-effective health coverage.

• CelticCare Preferred Health Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan aimed towards children, adults, and families. It offers flexible health coverage with 80/20 or 100% co-insurance coverage. Deductibles range between $500-$5,000 with additional options such as supplemental, accident, and prescription drug coverage. Applicants can choose from three plans: CelticCare Preferred Select PPO; CelticCare Preferred “Any Doc” PPO; and CelticCare Preferred Managed Indemnity.

• CelticSaver is a high-deductible major medical plan with an optional health savings account (HSA). Celtic offers two such plans: CelticSaver HSA PPO and CelticSaver HSA Managed Indemnity. Deductibles range between $1,500-$5,000 for individuals and $3,000-$10,000 for families. There is also the option of 80/20 or 100% co-insurance.