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Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California has been serving California since 1937 with a variety of healthcare plans to choose from including medical, dental, life, and more. Operating as a subsidiary of WellPoint Health Networks, Inc., Anthem Blue Cross of California provides healthcare coverage to more than 7-million members.

By offering a full range of products and coverage, Anthem Blue Cross of California can provide its customers with the kind of choice and flexibility that helps them meet their healthcare needs. Anthem Blue Cross of California continuously fine tunes plan options to maintain their reputation for innovative, progressive product offerings, which are designed to meet and improve the health of Californians.

Competing insurance carriers

Blue Shield of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California health plan offerings

Lumenos health plans give you the flexibility to manage and control your healthcare dollars. Lumenos plans are designed to help you lower out-of-pocket expenses by allowing you to focus on preventative care with a zero deductible for physical exams and health screenings.

SmartSense offers essential protection and allows you three office visits before requiring you to meet your deductible. It remains one of Anthem Blue Cross of California’s lowest priced plans and offers a wide array of deductibles and monthly premiums that will fit your budget.

Tonik are designed for young, healthy individuals and come in three flavors:
o Thrill-seeker offers a $5,000 deductible, $20 co-payments, and monthly premiums as low as $70/month.

o Part-time daredevil is a plan with a $3,000 deductible, $30 co-payments, and monthly premiums starting at $87/month.

o Calculated risk-taker has a $1,500 deductible, $40 co-payment, and a monthly premium beginning at $122/month.

Select HMO Plan offers excellent coverage and low monthly premiums. You’ll have no deductible so benefits kick-in at day one. Furthermore, co-payments are affordable and an exclusive HMO network gives you almost 15,000 physicians across 22 California counties from which to choose. Best of all, brand name drugs are made affordable and the co-payment on generic drugs is only $10.